Kent Karl's Drama


He told me that he was on his way from London to Paris when mugged by hoodlums and lost everything, including his passport and satellite phone. He was at Central Station Hospital in London and needed help to pay his medical bills before they stop treatment. He does not have anyone to help. He asked to borrow money on a short term loan. After much discourse, I agreed to pay his hospital bill online directly to the hospital with my credit card. He was adamant that the hospital is not set up for online bill pay and that they accept cash only, and that I may send the money on Western Union directly to his doctor, ROBERT SCOTT. I sent money to Kent Karl's name. 

 The following week or so, he needed a credit card so that his client, SIR VALENTINO, who is in Las Vegas, can put in some money for him to get going with his business. He asked me to empty my credit card so "Val" can put in the money and I can send it to him. I agreed for him to use my ATM/visa card. He came back and complained that Val could not transfer money into the account because it is an ATM, not a credit card.

 He emphasized that he does not want my money, that he only needs to use an empty card, that I need to empty my card and keep the money. He then managed to get to get my MasterCard account, with the security code. He also managed to get a second credit card account from me, but I typed an erroneous info on the security code (thanks goodness). He talked about how I should check for money to get into my credit card accounts so I could send it to him. He managed to ask me for more money before anything showed up in my account because I need to owe some amount (space) in the card before Val can pay anything into it. 

Shortly thereafter, my MasterCard company gave me a series of calls about "early fraud prevention". I was unsuspicious and did not pursue queries from the credit card company. (I think that he was trying to take out/max out my credit card.)

 He said that his gold bars are in storage at a securities company belonging to ALVIN GATE. He once asked me to send some money to ALEX EDWARD at the securities company to pay bills. Western Union held the money and required a physical address of the recipient. Karl Karl would not provide a business address because "it is classified". Western Union (bless their heart) did not issue the amount and I got it back.

 He later paid the amount that he owes in my credit card. He used this tactic so he could scam "borrow" some more which after he did, reversed the amount he paid into my credit card, thereby more than doubling the amount scammed from me.

 I asked help from him to pay off the amount I sent him from my other credit card. He paid in only to want to borrow it back. He was not able to reverse the payment because he does not have the required security code. He has someone (supposedly Val) harass me for it.

 He asked me to let him use my home equity. When I told him I could no longer continue to bail him out and that he needs to pay me back, he admitted that he is an online scammer and that I am not his only victim. He also admitted that Kent Karl is not his real name, but I could call him Mr. T.

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